These are all the things that I made and blogged in 2021: handmade cards, artwork in the form of art cards, paintings, prints, even some sewing and jewellery, and all the pieces I made when I took part in Wanderlust.

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Handmade Cards

I didn’t make that many cards this year. I’ve cut down the number I send generally — some people just don’t appreciate a handmade card — and in my stash I still have more than 160 cards that I’ve made over the last eight years, even after raiding them to top up the Christmas cards this year.


All the things that aren’t handmade cards and weren’t made for Wanderlust. Art cards, paintings, prints, even some sewing and jewellery…


This is the second year I’ve taken part in Wanderlust from Everything Art. It’s an interesting course with a large number of instructors that change each year.