Inchie Challenge 2021 #10–12

The last instalment of twinchies created for the Mindful Art Studio Inchie Challenge. Twelve days of creating two-inch-square artworks in response to a prompt word. These are all created as ink drawings coloured with watercolours. The pen I used was a Winsor & Newton fineliner and the watercolours were a mix of Derwent Graphitint and Daler-Rowney aquafine travel palettes.

Here are days ten to twelve.


It would have been so easy to just do an ink splot, but I couldn’t do anything that simple. Neither could I do an ink bottle. No, I had to do a cuttlefish (it was originally going to be a squid but I couldn’t find any reference photos I liked).


I wasn’t going to do a snail shell because I’d already done a shell on day six (yes, they’re completely different things, no, I still wasn’t going to do that). And I refused to draw a swirly toilet, which was the second thing that came to mind. Then I was flicking through Instagram and came across this impressive ram and just had to draw his horn.


Detail. Where to start, there are just way too many options here. My first thought was to do an architectural detail — I take lots of photos of details and shapes and textures, so I started scrolling back through my photos for inspiration. A photo of a large poppy that I’d taken this summer jumped out at me and I decided to finish the challenge with a bright splash of colour.

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