These are all the things that I made and blogged in 2019: handmade cards and some artwork experiments, along with the creations made for two challenges during the year – The Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge and Square-a-thon – and the year-long Wanderlust class.

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Handmade Cards

Apart from the Christmas cards, most of the cards I made this year were created with a specific person in mind. My art-play focus has moved from making cards for fun to experimenting with mixed media.


Most of my art time this year was spent making things for Wanderlust and a couple of challenges, but I still managed to find time to experiment with Stampbord and Powertex. The journal was another short challenge and I still plan on making more of the small house portraits.

Daily Marker challenge art cards

I’ve taken part in quite a few Daily Marker 30 Day challenges but this is the first time I’ve set out to make a finished piece of work each day rather than just “do some colouring”. It took more time to complete of course, but I love this finished set of art cards.

Square-a-thon challenge

The first challenge with prompts that I have ever completed. Sixteen small square paintings, all with a touch of metallic paint.


This was my first time joining in with the year-long Wanderlust class. I made it about half way through the year before getting distracted by other things. There are still a few lessons that I would like to go back and complete.