Wanderlust: searching

CRX0057 square

I was originally planning to do one blog post per theme for the Wanderlust 2019 class rather than doing one for each week’s lesson. Because it’s a commercial class, it wouldn’t be fair to have detailed write-ups, so I thought I’d just do a quick round-up for each theme with a single picture of each art journal page that I create, but then I was sorting through photos and realising that I want to include some close-up photos and that would end up being a really big blog post so…

CRX0057 detail2

… here’s the page I created following the lesson from week one of Wanderlust 2019.

The first theme of the Wanderlust year is “Typography” and we started off with inspiration from one of the organisers: Kasia Avery (blog, Instagram).

CRX0057 detail1

The piece is built on a base layer of collage papers; I took a photo of the arrangement so that I could recreate it when I glued it down. And it’s interesting to see how much of it shows through in the finished piece and how the textures affect it.

CRX0057 collage


CRX0057 display

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