mixed media

Golden drips

I wasn't sure whether I was going to post this. But I set up this blog with the intention of using it to record all the cards I made — initially as a reference for myself — and while the card making has expanded into mixed media and other arts and crafts, there is still… Continue reading Golden drips

mixed media


Earlier this year I did a Craft Box workshop (now Creative Craft Academy) and made the Wings of Time mixed media panel. After doing it, I said that I didn’t think I’d do another workshop because I found it frustrating simply making someone else's design. Well, I've recently completed the Just Begin workshop by Shawn… Continue reading Believe

mixed media

Experiment in black and gold

Sometimes an idea will pop into my head; often triggered by a barely seen something that just whizzed past my eye. It's not fully formed, it's definitely not a thing, but it's the start of an experiment. That vague idea — a golden slash across a black background — along with the need to play… Continue reading Experiment in black and gold