Messy May “flow”

Series: Messy May #15

Prompt: 15 FLOW
Host: Brooke Gorrell-Beaudoin @mintgreenthumbtheir response
Guidance: Create with as few distractions as possible to achieve a state of flow.

Flow: a state of mind in which a person becomes fully immersed in an activity. (Definition from Verywell Mind article on flow.) Flow can be a hard thing to achieve, especially deliberately. When it does happen, it tends to be one of those things that creeps up on me as I get more focused on the work I’m doing, but there are things you can do to make it more likely: getting rid of potential distractions is vital and hard to achieve in a shared home… And it’s not something I could do while making this piece, though I did enjoy the process of creating.

This was vaguely inspired by Paul Klee’s block paintings, like Steps (1929). I started out with a much more muted palette but it kind of got away from me as I worked on it. Once I’d finished the blocks, I knew it needed something else and this lightning/upside-down tree design came to me — something organic to counter the rigidity of the blocks. I had to make sure that it stood out on the busy background though, so I got out my silver gilding flakes and then added some thin black shading along one side.

2 thoughts on “Messy May “flow””

  1. I like the combination of blocks and organic. Agree it’s difficult to get a state of flow consciously, a bit like trying not to think about an elephant.


  2. I love this! I love the background colors with the “lightning” or “tree branch”. It really makes that lightning/tree pop and gives this some nice dimension! Thanks for sharing!


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