Awaken #3 trails

Series: Awaken #3 of 4

This is the third quarter of the “scattered rings” alcohol ink circles piece from last year that I decided to work on.

I took a different approach with this piece. With the last two, I responded directly to the shapes within the alcohol ink, for this one I used the cloudy, swirling colours as a background. In the foreground I created lines inspired by the tracks made by subatomic particles in a cloud chamber.

this is what the colours actually look like

Finding the right medium to create the lines was trickier than I had imagined. Black pen just looked messy. Gold pen didn’t have enough impact. Trying to be subtle with white might have worked if I could have found something sufficiently fine and opaque (but I couldn’t). Feeling a little frustrated I put it to one side for a few days, and then decided to go with foil. The lines aren’t perfectly even — it’s hard to create a consistent line with the Pebeo Mixtion Relief — but I’m happy with the effect.

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