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Quick play: alcohol ink circles


Another quick play, this time with alcohol inks. It was inspired by a blog post from Kim Cook over at Thirteen Chairs.

tunnel – detail

This was also a good opportunity to try out the alcohol inks I got in the July ScrawlrBox subscription. All of my current alcohol inks are Ranger Adirondack ones, so it was interesting to try a different brand. The Marabu diamond sparkle is unlike anything I have: very fine, very sparkly, and adds a lot of texture. The other inks in the kit were magenta, caribbean and an extender.

concentric rings

I don’t have a vast selection of different-sized glasses — at least not without a lot of digging through cupboards — but I remembered that I do have an old set of plastic cookie cutters that I could repurpose into craft tools.

concentric rings – detail

Because I wanted to overlap the circles, I had to dry the ink as I went along rather than positioning the cutters and leaving them to dry. I also experimented with different amounts of ink and moving the cutters while it was still wet to get a wider ring. The larger scattered rings piece was made by creating a typical alcohol ink background first and then adding the rings over the top.

scattered rings

Alcohol ink is always fun to play with and the diamond sparkle really adds an extra dimension.

scattered rings – detail

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