Awaken #4 sign

Series: Awaken #4 of 4

This is the final quarter of the “scattered rings” alcohol ink circles piece from last year that I decided to work on.

I started this one by adding a layer of asemic writing across the whole piece — I’d received a purple Pigma Micron pen in a recent ScrawlrBox subscription box and it was the perfect colour for this background.

When I first tried asemic writing I found it hard to create something that looked like it could be letterforms without making actual English letterforms; the muscle memory is so strong that it’s tricky to break away from actually writing. And then I tried writing from right to left, and that was enough to allow me to create letter-like shapes instead. Also, I’m left-handed so the change meant I was pulling the pen across the page rather than pushing it, which made it flow a little easier too.

So now I had a background, but what to put on it. I wanted to keep the abstract feel of the series which ruled out drawing flowers or anything recognisable. Then I got to thinking about graffiti tags, had a play at coming up with something in keeping with the asemic writing and ended up with this. Which, completely in hindsight, is my initials mirrored. And the “N” squiggle is essentially a rotated version of the way I underline my name when I sign cards. And I literally only noticed this when I came to photograph it.

So that’s the last of this little series. It was an interesting experiment, I got to rescue a previous experiment, and I like the results. Maybe I should take a look and see what other interesting papers are lurking in my stash.

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