Tiny snowflake jar

CRX0018 square

Maybe I was influenced by the “spring” weather when I put this little jar together. Growing up in Lincolnshire I was quite used to seeing snow — there were even times when we had deep snow drifts on my birthday at the end of March — but it’s not often that snow settles and lingers in London (even in winter).

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Wings of Time panel

CRX0012 square

You can learn a lot from just watching YouTube videos, but sometimes it’s handy to actually walk through the techniques with the same supplies, just to get a feel for how what you’re seeing translates into actually doing. So I picked up this workshop kit to have a play.

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Art card: fencing

CRX0019 square

When I decided, at the last minute, to take part in The 100 Day Project my only plan was to “leave the house every day and take a photograph”. I certainly wasn’t planning to do anything more complex than that. To be honest, my main intention wasn’t really artistic: I just wanted a bit of motivation to get out of the house each day. [Note: this failed and I decided to gracefully withdraw]

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Peacock panel

CRX0008 square

This is a bit of a “throwback Thursday” post. I made this panel, photographed it and even processed the photos when I made it last year; the one thing I didn’t do then was write up the blog post… This was only the second mixed media panel I had created. After the darker feel of the first, I wanted to make something lighter, with a more pastel palette. This metal peacock had been sitting in my stash, waiting for the right project to come along and I thought it would make a good starting point.

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