art cards

Medieval dragon sheep

So I was tidying up my desk and there was this scrap of paper that I’d used to do a quick crackle paste test on a few days before and it was too interesting to just chuck in the bin. So I tore the excess paper off, glued it onto an art card and put… Continue reading Medieval dragon sheep

rambling on

Creating away

I don't really do holidays. When you grow up on a small farm, you really don't get into the habit of going away regularly. And these days, it's not so easy finding someone to look after the ratties. And, to be honest, we're both homebodies... So going away isn't something that happens often, about the… Continue reading Creating away

mixed media

Experiment in black and gold

Sometimes an idea will pop into my head; often triggered by a barely seen something that just whizzed past my eye. It's not fully formed, it's definitely not a thing, but it's the start of an experiment. That vague idea — a golden slash across a black background — along with the need to play… Continue reading Experiment in black and gold