just colouring

Just coloured: spring meadow bouquet

I have always said that Power Poppy illustrations are detailed enough that you could get away with just flat colouring with no additional shading; this is the result of testing that theory. I would happily put this on a card as is but, being unable to leave well alone, I will almost certainly tweak it… Continue reading Just coloured: spring meadow bouquet

mixed media

Wanderlust: collage 3 ways

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #08 This was a lesson in three parts demonstrating some of the different ways you can balance collage and paint in mixed media art journal projects. The first is pure collage, no paint at all. There are areas of this that I really like but the overall effect is a little busy… Continue reading Wanderlust: collage 3 ways

mixed media

Artful Academy journal – December

Series: Artful Academy 2020 journal #13 It would have been easy to have chosen Christmas as the subject for the last art journal page of the year, but I like to avoid the obvious option so I chose to make a Solstice page instead. After the painterly Boundaries page, I changed the style up by… Continue reading Artful Academy journal – December