I made my first handmade cards for Christmas 2013 from a kit I was given. There was a real sense of satisfaction in making the cards that even outweighed the perfectionist in me, who was busy pointing out that they did “look homemade”. I ignored the perfectionist and instead drew on the strength of the child who used to love drawing and making things.

Fast forward to December 2018 and I have made every greetings card we have sent in the last five years. Alongside the cardmaking, I have stretched my creativity into mixed media and, to be honest, anything crafty that tweaks my curiosity.

I am still learning. I will always be learning.

This blog is a record of what I create along the way.

For anyone curious whether I sell my creations: the short answer is that I will happily sell to anyone who appreciates my work and wants to buy it — just drop me a line — I wrote up the longer answer earlier this year.

December 2018

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