Caped cuties

I seem to be doing the "last minute inspiration" thing with cards at the moment. My card stash is large enough that I'm only making new ones if I don't have something suitable — this basically means that I am stuck making mostly masculine cards so far this year... This design gave me the opportunity… Continue reading Caped cuties


Cake n’ Shake

Almost the middle of July (how?), so that means it's time to get the thinking cap on and come up with an idea for a birthday card for my other half. Three out of the last four years I have made something with a Mystery Science Theater 3000 theme — the silhouette, an interocitor, and… Continue reading Cake n’ Shake


3D printed 21st birthday

My eldest nephew has just turned twenty-one (!). So I had to make a card. A masculine card. While terminally uninspired... I was just going to keep it super simple: fussy cut numbers from something shiny and then do some paper layering. Then my other half said that he could 3D print some numbers for… Continue reading 3D printed 21st birthday