art cards

Horace & Boo

Series: The Daily Marker Art Card #26 I’ve reached that point in the Daily Marker 30 Day Challenge where the colour-picking bit of my brain is starting to struggle; I am trying hard to avoid falling back on standard colour choices, especially for critters. My first instinct for this was to do a ginger kitty,… Continue reading Horace & Boo


Misc: Hang in there kitty

This card was created on 11th July: day 7 of The Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge. In response to the political mess in the UK following the EU referendum, my initial thought was to just add a single word expletive as a sentiment for this kitty, but I decided to fake some positivity instead…… Continue reading Misc: Hang in there kitty


Birthday: Grumpy black cat

I love this grumpy Persian kitty. I’ve coloured him up once before — as a white cat — so this time I thought I’d challenge myself to see if I could get the necessary depth of colour for a black version without it just turning into a dark blob. How: This was not a quick… Continue reading Birthday: Grumpy black cat


Thinking of you: Kitten

What: January’s instalment of Gerda Steiner’s progressive challenge gave us this cute little kitten with a big heart. How: The card base was created by using Inka Gold through a stencil. I love the variety of textures this gives — high shine where the stencil is firm enough to be swiped over and more gritty… Continue reading Thinking of you: Kitten