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The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge #11

Focusing on the blog and being generally unmotivated to do much in the way of actual creating (plenty of ideas, just really hard to get started on any of them) has meant that I have been mostly absent from Instagram recently. I have every intention of at least looking through and liking everyone else's work,… Continue reading The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge #11

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Pink, fabric and floss

Another challenge from That's Crafty; this time the requirement is to add stitching ā€” either real or faux ā€” to a project. I decided almost immediately that I wanted my stitching to be real and I even contemplated getting my sewing machine out. Machine stitching is on my list of things to play with, but… Continue reading Pink, fabric and floss


White tiger

Every month the IG Crafty Crew sets one easy and one hard just-for-fun challenge over on Instagram. I normally forget to join in, but I had no excuse for February as I was already doing the 30-day colouring challenge and this month's easy challenge was to use the Copic colour of the month ā€” ultraviolet.… Continue reading White tiger