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The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge #11


Focusing on the blog and being generally unmotivated to do much in the way of actual creating (plenty of ideas, just really hard to get started on any of them) has meant that I have been mostly absent from Instagram recently. I have every intention of at least looking through and liking everyone else’s work, but somehow that doesn’t happen either. My brain gets overwhelmed with the idea of how much stuff I haven’t looked at and how the awful algorithm will mean it will take weeks before I stop being shown weirdly old stuff (which is what happened last time I tried).

But, I bit the bullet and posted the card I made for my mum’s birthday the other day (full blog post coming later this week) and had a quick browse around.

The first thing I noticed is that the algorithm is no longer showing me randomly old stuff; everything was very recent, yay! And the second thing I noticed was that November is also the month for another 30-day colouring challenge hosted by Kathy Racoosin of The Daily Marker.

And I do love the colouring challenge. No need to make finished cards or anything. Just do a bit of colouring. Every day if you can, doesn’t matter if you can’t. Define colouring to mean whatever suits you. Just use the challenge as a bit of extra motivation to do something satisfyingly creative.

And I’m hoping that it will help me get going on the individual cards I make for close family, which nearly always involve lots of colouring. Until my mum’s card, I hadn’t done any colouring for months so I do need a bit of a kick to get going with it. I’ve already made one card which I’ll post here next week after I’ve taken some photos.

I’ll probably do Instagram round-up posts here like I’ve done before, but we’ll see how it goes. If recent experience is anything to go by, now that I’ve said I’m doing it, I shan’t pick up another Copic marker this year and not a single additional Christmas card will be made. I’m not saying that public statements of intent can’t be motivating but… let’s just say that my brain can be contrary at times…

2 thoughts on “The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge #11”

  1. I had fully intended to do the 30 day coloring challenge….however, I seem to have too many things come up and not enough time. LOL! I will be watching to see what you post! 🙂


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