Inchie Challenge 2021 #7–9

The next instalment of twinchies created for the Mindful Art Studio Inchie Challenge. Twelve days of creating two-inch-square artworks in response to a prompt word. These are all created as ink drawings coloured with watercolours. The pen I used was a Winsor & Newton fineliner and the watercolours were a mix of Derwent Graphitint and Daler-Rowney aquafine travel palettes.

Here are days seven to nine.


“Try to come up with a positive interpretation of the prompt.” Well, chocolate bars need to be broken before you can eat them. Though, after saying that, I discovered a number of people who apparently just bite straight into the whole bar, the thought of which makes my teeth ache…


Is it cheating if you revisit an image you’ve used before? I used the same reference photo in the Square-a-thon challenge — the prompt that time was walking on the moon and I used texture paste and acrylic paints.


My first reaction to the prompt was “jeans”, but that didn’t really inspire me. A bit of searching led me to the plant that the indigo dye comes from and I drew that instead.

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