Wanderlust: flowing rainbow

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #33

I’m being a bit more selective over which lessons I do at the moment and I nearly skipped this one because of the drips. Me and drips don’t really get on, they always seem like a good idea but then look either too messy or too contrived if I’ve tried too hard to direct them. But, I watched the video and noticed she was also using embossing powder on texture paste, something I’ve been meaning to have a go at for a while, and so I gave it a go.

I think I managed to get a reasonable balance of fluidity and control in the drips, and the transparency of the paints allows the few collage elements and asemic writing to show through in places.

I was looking back at times I’ve used this ivy stencil before; the main one that came to mind was this golden ivy piece that is one of the few of mine that I have on my wall, but then I realised that I’d also used it on the very first art journal page I made. I rather like the way the embossing powder turned out — I simply sprinkled little pinches of powder onto the still-wet texture paste and heated it up. The texture paste does bubble a little with the heat but soon settles down again (this was using Golden light holding paste).

With all the colour on the page I kept my focal image simple, gluing a black and white butterfly to some thin card and fussy cutting it out. It is only glued to the page by its body so the wings can be lifted up (which I of course forgot to do when taking the photographs).


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