Square-a-thon challenge #13–16


And here are the final four images I created for the Spring Square-a-thon. I really enjoyed doing something so far out of my usual comfort zone. If you missed any of the earlier paintings, you can catch up using the Square-a-thon tag.


#13 Once Upon a Memory

Created with: acrylic paints

I had a couple of ideas in mind for this prompt, but then I remembered one time, many years ago, when the then boyfriend had forgotten it was my birthday. We were staying over with friends, the subject came up, and one of the friends dashed out, returning later having made a hammered copper bangle for me. Both the boyfriend and the bangle are long gone, but the memory of that act of thoughtfulness remains.


#14 Walking on the Moon

Created with: sand texture paste, acrylic paints

Absolutely one of my favourites. I turned out just how I wanted it to. I very nearly overworked painting the footprint and I wasn’t 100% sure about it until I went over the black shadows with Stuart Semple’s Black 2.0, which is wonderfully matte and made the shadows feel so much more realistic.


#15 Over the Horizon

Created with: Inktense blocks, black and gold acrylic paints

If I had had a steadier hand when I was painting the balloon, this would have been in the “very happy with” pile. I will probably go back and try to fix it at some point. The slightly grubby look on the yellow is actually dry-brushed gold paint which looks a lot better in real life.


#16 Through the Magic Door

Created with: glass pen and India ink, watercolour paints, gold acrylic paint

It would have been nice to finish on a high, but this is not one of the ones that I love. I am very happy with the idea — it’s based on the cover of “The Magic Faraway Tree”, which I have fond memories of reading many many years ago — but my painting skills weren’t really up to the task. I love watercolours and one of these days I will figure out how to use them consistently well; that will require a lot more practice though.



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