Green & gold abstracts

I was tidying up a bit and found three strips of paper left over from another project (from cutting the paper into squares for the Woodland abstracts). Rather than put them away and continue tidying, I turned them into this abstract triptych with acrylic paint, alcohol and gilding flakes. The tidying still isn’t finished… Apologies… Continue reading Green & gold abstracts


Wanderlust: colourful landscape

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #32 One of the favourite pieces I made during Wanderlust 2019 was in the inspired by an artist theme where we had to draw influences from two artists. Similarly, this piece draws on another artist's style, but it won't be counting in my favourites from this year. The idea was to look… Continue reading Wanderlust: colourful landscape

mixed media

Wanderlust: serenity flowers

The guest instructor for week two of the Wanderlust "floral" theme was Shawn Petite (website, Instagram, YouTube). I love Shawn's work and regularly watch her YouTube videos, especially the Sunday Inspiration ones. Lovely textured layers of collage papers, modelling paste and acrylic paint all come together to create a wonderfully weathered background for the flowers.… Continue reading Wanderlust: serenity flowers