Wanderlust: colourful landscape

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #32

One of the favourite pieces I made during Wanderlust 2019 was in the inspired by an artist theme where we had to draw influences from two artists. Similarly, this piece draws on another artist’s style, but it won’t be counting in my favourites from this year.

The idea was to look at David Hockney’s style of landscape painting with its often contrasting colours, simplistic perspective and proportion, and mark-making, and then apply that to a landscape that we are familiar with.

This is a simplified view of the small farm I grew up on (there were a lot more buildings) and the countryside around it. I wimped out a bit doing the initial colour blocks; I got the complementary blue and orange of the sky and field in place, but couldn’t quite bring myself to have a purple field next to the yellow. If we had been trying for a more surreal look I would have happily had pink skies and turquoise fields but this style is based in realism and I couldn’t get away from the fact that most of these fields grew wheat.

I love my sky with its hastily scribbled clouds, even if it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the scene. And I am happy with my little hay field and trees in the foreground. But as a whole… it was an interesting exercise and I don’t hate it.


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