“Swipe” abstract painting

Abstract painting with red, yellow and blue shapes covered with a layer of translucent vertical black swipes.

This started out as a three colour abstract inspired by a video from Kim Dellow. I do like a lot of abstract art, though I am still trying to work out exactly what appeals to me and what doesn’t.

As I said, this started out as just three colours, but I decided it needed some black for contrast. When I went to add a mattifying layer of Coat varnish I discovered that I hadn’t given the Posca pen long enough to dry completely.

Close-up of the abstract painting.

There might have been a quiet curse as the first smear appeared (there definitely was) but I paused, took a proper look at it, decided I quite liked the effect and ran with it. I rather like how it defines the edges of the painting.

The abstract painting displayed on a mini wooden easel.

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