Artful Academy dragonfly tag

A large tag with green and brown texture in the background, a large dragonfly sitting on a white circle, and the word 'imagine' alongside the dragonfly's body.

Another project from the Artful Academy Visible Image Mini Collection. This tag was inspired by the lesson from Katy Leitch, the founder of Artful Academy. [Previous lessons include butterflies, Stampbord owls, and hummingbird.]

Close-up of the dragonfly.

It was a pretty straightforward creation; the only problem I had was when the acrylic paint started to dry quicker than I was expecting and the stencil I was using to lift off some of the paint stuck to it and pulled the top layer of card off too. There was a time I would have got stressed about that happening, but doing mixed media has knocked the perfectionist edge off and made me a lot more open to seeing the opportunities when the unexpected happens. In this case, it just added an extra distressed textural element to the tag.

The tag displayed on a small wooden easel.

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