Artful Academy butterflies

An artwork with four butterflies flying up the centre of the page from a grassy area surrounded by colourful flowers, bubbles and other texture. There is a large moon in the blue/purple sky.

Remember the hummingbird that took me so long to turn into something I was happy with? Well, this is another project from that class: the Artful Academy Visible Image Mini Collection. This was inspired by the lesson from Lisa Taggart and it took me almost as long to make as the hummingbird, but only because I couldn’t decide when to stop.

A close-up of the butterflies and some of the background texture.

The instructor’s version used the eyes from the Face it! stamp set but honestly, for me, the eyes staring out of all that colour are just a bit creepy. So I went with butterflies instead.

There are so many layers of stamping and ink and paint and doodling on this, I genuinely wasn’t sure when to stop. I think I managed to pick a point comfortably between not enough and too much though.

The artwork displayed on a small wooden easel.

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