Artist Soul canvas

Alongside creating the abstract landscapes and this canvas, Laly Mille also wanted us to start to identify our art language — the colours, mark-making, textures, materials, formats and compositions that resonate. I'm starting to get a feel for the colours I like working with and texture is definitely something that is important to me. Mark-making… Continue reading Artist Soul canvas


Artful Academy butterfly tag

The final project from the Artful Academy Visible Image Mini Collection. This tag was inspired by the lesson from Veerle Moreels; I've always liked Veerle's style and borrowed a design from her for some of last year's Christmas cards. [Previous projects from this class include butterflies, Stampbord owls, a dragonfly and a hummingbird.] There are… Continue reading Artful Academy butterfly tag


Artful Academy journal – June

Series: Artful Academy 2020 journal #7 I like the background — made with my ivy stencil and layers of paint and pen — and I like the foreground. They just really don't belong together. Maybe if I'd made the background more green than blue, using the complementary colour of red, it would have been better.… Continue reading Artful Academy journal – June

greeting cards

Artful Academy journal – May

Series: Artful Academy 2020 journal #6 May's prompt was "quotes" so I really couldn't avoid using words on this one. Trying to find a quote that wasn't over-used or twee or without any meaning for me was difficult though; I have a few collected in my notes, but nothing was speaking to me. But there… Continue reading Artful Academy journal – May