mixed media

Artful Academy journal cover

Series: Artful Academy 2020 journal #1 I keep looking at online courses and being really tempted by them, but then I remember that I still have half of the Wanderlust 2019 projects left to do, not to mention all the other card-making, Copic colouring, and mixed media classes I've signed up for over the years.… Continue reading Artful Academy journal cover

mixed media

Wanderlust: rule of thirds

As I mentioned back in January, I signed up for Wanderlust 2019. The idea of being exposed to all the different themes, styles and teachers really appealed to me. And I started off well, working through the background material and bonus lessons before the first of the themes. One of the lessons was on composition;… Continue reading Wanderlust: rule of thirds

art cards

Tea bag art cards

The things we do for our art. Specifically, emptying, washing and drying used teabags. Ever since I came across Ruby Silvious and her tea bag art, I've wanted to have a play. Now, you can buy unused tea bag paper, but it's hard to find in non-industrial quantities. I did find one art place that… Continue reading Tea bag art cards