Pink and purple embossed flowers

Another bit of unloved stash taken down off the shelf and put to good use. I bought one of the Kaleidacolor multicolour ink pads ages ago out of curiosity; I think I maybe did a test stamp with it on some scrap paper, but I've never used it on an actual project. And then I… Continue reading Pink and purple embossed flowers

mixed media

Monstera leaf pair #1

I was catching up on blog feeds and YouTube subscriptions and there was a project that used Brusho, I don't remember exactly what it was, but it got me thinking about whether it was actually possible to use water-activated pigment powders (like Brusho and PaperArtsy Infusions and various other brands) with stencils without making a… Continue reading Monstera leaf pair #1

art cards

Tea bag art cards

The things we do for our art. Specifically, emptying, washing and drying used teabags. Ever since I came across Ruby Silvious and her tea bag art, I've wanted to have a play. Now, you can buy unused tea bag paper, but it's hard to find in non-industrial quantities. I did find one art place that… Continue reading Tea bag art cards