Artful Academy journal – May

Series: Artful Academy 2020 journal #6 May's prompt was "quotes" so I really couldn't avoid using words on this one. Trying to find a quote that wasn't over-used or twee or without any meaning for me was difficult though; I have a few collected in my notes, but nothing was speaking to me. But there… Continue reading Artful Academy journal – May

mixed media

Wanderlust: floral memories

The guest instructor for week three of the Wanderlust "floral" theme was Mou Saha (website, Instagram, YouTube). Me and watercolour are not really the best of friends. I can use it, but unless I'm making pretty background papers for other projects, I'm rarely completely happy with the results. I know it's just a matter of… Continue reading Wanderlust: floral memories

art cards

Tea bag art cards

The things we do for our art. Specifically, emptying, washing and drying used teabags. Ever since I came across Ruby Silvious and her tea bag art, I've wanted to have a play. Now, you can buy unused tea bag paper, but it's hard to find in non-industrial quantities. I did find one art place that… Continue reading Tea bag art cards