Inchie Challenge 2021 #1–3

Another challenge! I had been doing some colouring for the latest Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge when Amy from Mindful Art Studio announced her Inchie Challenge. Twelve days of creating two-inch-square artworks in response to a prompt word.

I decided that I would follow along and make mine as ink drawings coloured with watercolours. The pen I used was a Winsor & Newton fineliner and the watercolours were a mix of Derwent Graphitint and Daler-Rowney aquafine travel palettes.

Here are the first three days.


My first thought was to do a cloth bundle tied to a stick, then I realised that, although it definitely is a bundle, it is actually called a bindle, and I wasn’t too sure about drawing cloth so I had another think and a brief Google image search for inspiration. I found an image of some books held together with a belt and drew my own version.


So many options here. I started by thinking of doing a bird’s nest, but wasn’t really sold on the idea. Eventually I decided to go with a food theme and draw a runny fried egg.

This is the only prompt I made two inchies for and it is 100% my other half’s responsibility.

Q. Why did the egg cross the road?
A. Because it was early.


I sketched a few sewing-related ideas but couldn’t come up with a design that fitted the space well — at the time I was trying to come up with self-contained drawings with defined borders rather than ones that faded off into space. This kintsugi vase fitted the bill nicely.

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