Messy May “yes”

Series: Messy May #17

Prompt: 17 YES
Host: Essie @essie.ruth.makestheir response
Guidance: What was the last creative impulse you felt? Whatever it was, say ‘yes’ to it and see where it takes you.

This was an easy one. I have a stack of things that I mean to try one day, but this was one that I was reminded of regularly when having a quick browse on Instagram.

I’ve been following Claudia Drexhage for quite a while and I absolutely love her abstract landscapes. She uses Instagram reels to good effect, showing exactly how she creates them with what I can only describe as guided serendipity. It’s a deceptively simple process: lay down some ink or fluid watercolour and add water. And I had wanted to have a go for some time, but it never reached the top of the priority pile.

Unusually for me, I actually had a practise first, before committing to doing one in the sketchbook I’ve devoted to this challenge. Not a particularly exciting result, but nice enough and good enough as a proof of concept.

Over to the sketchbook and attempt number two. I didn’t get the blooming effect that I had hoped for, but I do like the result. I suspect that a lot more experimentation with different mediums and papers would lead to some more interesting results. But at least I have tried one of the many things on my list.

4 thoughts on “Messy May “yes””

  1. Thanks for the link to Claudia’s work, she now has a new follower! Also lovely to see your watercolour sketch too. It’s such a wonderful expressive medium.

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