Watercolour blocks

Inspired by Wendy Solganik’s watercolour meditations on Instagram, I thought I’d have a go at filling a page with geometric shapes.

No real plan other than to keep the shapes simple and use the colours from whichever watercolours I had to hand. And no pre-drawn guidelines, I just started with the rectangle in the top right corner and built out from there.

The hardest thing, other than having to be careful to paint straight lines, was keeping the colours balanced across the page and avoiding creating clusters of too-similar colours. I think it turned out okay: there are one or two slightly wonky lines but apart from that… it was a surprisingly satisfying way to pass some time.

2 thoughts on “Watercolour blocks”

  1. I’ve enjoyed seeing Wendy’s work too and often remind myself to try this some time – it looks very therapeutic. I like the way you’ve handled the colours and shapes, reminds me of Klee’s work.


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