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Ribbon block Christmas tree

There comes a point when you can no longer ignore the year slipping by and just have to accept the inevitability of making Christmas cards. I’m not sure how many I need to make — I haven’t sat down and updated the list and I’m not sure how many I have left over from previous years — but I will need some and the time had come to start work.

I did want to make it reasonably easy on myself though; I’m not about to launch into vast amounts of Copic colouring but equally I don’t want to churn out dozens of identical cards.

So I came up with a basic idea: a Christmas tree. I designed a tree made of blocks in Affinity Designer that could be used in various ways: I could use my Cricut Maker to cut the design out of card and lay it over some colouring, I could use the cut-out blocks on their own, and I could use it as a stencil. I could just print it out and colour it.

As well as cutting out the tree designs, I also used the Maker to cut a whole bunch of small circles of slightly different sizes from various colours of metallic card.

I cut four trees on panels from a piece of card and, saving the small pieces for a later design (Press’n’Seal is so useful for doing that), I started off by working with the larger pieces of card. I laid the cut-out tree on my card base and drew around the edges of the tree so that I would know where to put the ribbon. Once the ribbon was held in place with double-sided tape, I simply used some more tape to stick the panel on top of it.

Then the only thing left to do was to add a selection of shiny card baubles over the top. (Shiny baubles which are, of course, a nightmare to photograph!)

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