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Glitter block Christmas tree

Having made my first two Christmas cards using my block Christmas tree design, I moved on to the next pair. Again, I used the positive cut-out, but this time I switched from the satin of the ribbon to a more glittery finish.

I had a few options in my stash. I could have used microfine glitter and some double-sided tape, but that just ends up with glitter everywhere. I could have used the glitter felt (which I have only ever used on Christmas cards), but that’s quite bulky and I would have had to pop the front panel up on foam tape to accommodate it. Glitter card would have been simpler but I don’t have a lot of the green left. What I did have a good amount of was glitter washi tape: nice and thin, not at all messy and, if you’re careful, the joins aren’t that obvious.

So, same process as last time: mark the outline of the star and tree on the card base, cover with washi tape, stick the panel on top, and finish it off with baubles cut from shiny card.

Two more cards finished.

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