greeting cards

Block Christmas trees

After making the last two pairs of cards I was left with all the blocks that had been cut out to make those trees. Rather than waste them, I decided to turn them into some more cards.

Luckily I had used some Press’n’Seal to save them in their original layout. (Press’n’Seal is like cling film but less stretchy and more tacky and it’s really handy for keeping die-cuts and the like in position.) I coloured them simply with green and red markers while they were still on the Press’n’Seal and then pieced them into position. I had cut the design out of Dura-lar to use as a stencil, and that worked nicely as a guide for placing the individual blocks.

I added some gilding flakes to the stars and two thin stripes of gold on the pots using the more dimensional mixtion relief. The last job was to add some of the shiny card baubles to the trees and that gave me another four cards for the stash.

I say that was the last thing, but I’m still debating adding a hand-drawn border around all of these tree cards. I’ll probably try it on a couple and see how it looks before committing to doing all of them.


  • colour:
    Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer watercolour markers – 219 scarlet red, 167 permanent green olive
  • gilding:
    Pebeo gilding paste
    Pebeo mixtion
    Gilding flakes

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