Stencilled roses

I wanted to make something, but I didn't want to have to think about it too hard. I didn't want to have to contemplate colour blends or even basic palettes. So I reached for a handmade background from my stash — a nice mottled blue-green piece — and a flower stencil. Roses are red: grab… Continue reading Stencilled roses


Candles and snowflakes

This is a variation on a card I made last year. I learned my lesson and, this time, I checked whether mum wanted me to make a card for her to give to her brother before starting work on it. She did want one and, as last year's candle card ended up being repurposed, I… Continue reading Candles and snowflakes


Candle on blue

I keep mentally referring to the base layer of this card as the blue masterboard. It's actually purple and green, but that just feels a bit long-winded 🙂 So, pretty much the same procedure as for the red card with the fairy lights. Different colour background, different stamp and different patterned border, but otherwise... The… Continue reading Candle on blue