Rainbow foil balloon

CR00398 square

I really must try to finish blogging the last of the cards I made for the Sparkle & Shine class; I got all the glittery ones done and then ran out of steam… So here goes with the first of the foiled cards.

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Striped glitter balloon

CR00396 square

I’d forgotten how much I like microfine glitter. It gives a subtle shine that you can actually photograph without glare or reflections. It sticks remarkably well without shedding all over the place. And it’s not even that messy to work with as long as you pour it over coffee filters and have a wet wipe to hand to clean it off your finger after rubbing it into the adhesive.

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Thanks: Balloons


This card was created on 4th November; day 4 of The Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge.

I don’t have a lot of full-size background stamps, but I just had to pick up these balloons from Create A Smile. For some reason my brain came up with the bright idea of colouring it and then cutting out all the blank spaces…

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Celebrate: Uplifting acetate card

acetate card - front

Another thing ticked off the “must-try techniques” list: creating a card using acetate for the base. I kept the design simple in the hope that it wouldn’t take too long to do, but I didn’t factor in all the fussy cutting that is needed to create not only the coloured elements, but also the plain white pieces that go behind them to hide the adhesive… So much fussy cutting…. But worth it as I do like the end result.

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Blank card: Glitter balloons

Glitter balloons


I’ve watched many card-making challenges go past in my feed reader; always thinking that I’d give them a go, but never getting around to it in time (or simply forgetting about them). This time I was determined to actually make a card, possibly even in time to enter it…

I’m not one hundred per cent happy with this card — it’s okay and it will be used. I’m not quite sure what I’d do to improve it: I would have liked to have had some brighter glitter to hand, and maybe I wouldn’t bother with the silver watercolour in the background if I made it again. I don’t dislike it, it just could have been better somehow.

I really need more practice using the stamp n’ bond to stick the glitter down… And better lighting for photographing cards in the evening…
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