mixed media


Another art journal page — I could get used to making these! It's nice to have a single starting point, a few ideas, and no finished image in mind and then just see where the page takes you. This one started with a bit of spare gesso left over from prepping another experiment: I didn't… Continue reading Inspire

art cards

Birds together

I've decided that art cards are the perfect size for testing out ideas and techniques — small ones anyway... This was inspired by seeing a large abstract artwork with a big drippy glittery motif across the centre of it; that got me thinking of ways to make glitter drips without ending up with glitter everywhere.… Continue reading Birds together


Stained glass robins

When I got this stamp, I did think that I would end up making more card variations with it — the stained glass style does lend itself to lots of different mediums and experiments — but then I didn’t actually need any more! By some miracle, I managed to make more cards than I ended… Continue reading Stained glass robins


Hello: Bird and bee

The frenzy of Christmas card making, Christmas itself, and New Year always combine to leave me run-down and uninspired in January. Add in having a horrible cold over Christmas, the exceptionally cold grey miserable weather, and the horror show that is UK and US politics at the moment and it has been a nightmare trying… Continue reading Hello: Bird and bee


Christmas: Painting with Copics

This card was created on 21st November; day 21 of The Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge. Skimming around Pinterest, I saw a Craftsy article on “watercolouring” with Copics and I was intrigued… I have a small selection of Various ink refills, so I thought I’d give it a go. How: First, open a window. I didn’t… Continue reading Christmas: Painting with Copics


Mothering Sunday: Bouquet and birds

Another catch-up post; this card was originally made on February 27th. This card was for my mum. For her, it always has to be "Mothering Sunday" rather than "Mother's Day" — something which made finding store-bought cards increasingly tricky. Rather less traditionally, there also have to be some cute critters on there. How: I love… Continue reading Mothering Sunday: Bouquet and birds