Flowers and mice

CR00474 square

And then you realise that there’s a really good reason why the other Mother’s Day card didn’t get posted to the blog. Although you wrote up a load of other cards and scheduled them, you didn’t actually get around to writing the post to go with this card. So, a couple of days late, here is the card I made for Mothering Sunday for my mum.

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Mothering Sunday: Bouquet and birds

countryside bouquet

Another catch-up post; this card was originally made on February 27th.

This card was for my mum. For her, it always has to be “Mothering Sunday” rather than “Mother’s Day” — something which made finding store-bought cards increasingly tricky. Rather less traditionally, there also have to be some cute critters on there.

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Mother’s Day card: Flowers and bunnies

flowers and bunnies


After thinking I had loads of time before Mother’s Day came around, this morning I suddenly realised that it is next weekend and, as I hate having to rush things, I really ought to pull my finger out and get a card done for my mum.

It’s also day four of The Daily Marker 30 day colouring challenge so my plan to have cute animals among flowers could also be today’s challenge entry.
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