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Painted peony

After making the painted hellebore card — proving to myself that not only was the idea sound, but also I could execute it to a standard that I was happy with — I set about painting this single peony for a card for my mum. Helpfully, also proving that the first one wasn’t a fluke!

As with the hellebore, I edited and simplified the image first, removing an additional bud and adding the square for the gilded background.

I am quite sure I’m technically not using the acrylic gouache “in the right way”, but it has worked for me on these two small images so… I’d probably do a bit of research before tackling a larger piece with them though; a few hints and tips never go amiss.

As someone who has spent a lifetime really never liking gold on anything, it still surprises me how much I love using gilding on art. (See also “never liked pink”.)

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