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Creating away

I don't really do holidays. When you grow up on a small farm, you really don't get into the habit of going away regularly. And these days, it's not so easy finding someone to look after the ratties. And, to be honest, we're both homebodies... So going away isn't something that happens often, about the… Continue reading Creating away

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Influences and inspiration

I am fickle. Much as I experiment with different mediums and styles, so do I accumulate inspiration. Influences come and go, all leaving a bit of themselves behind when my eye gets caught by the next thing. As a teenager my biggest artistic influence was probably Roger Dean and while I still appreciate the artistry, that's… Continue reading Influences and inspiration

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GESSO: Primed Creatives blogging challenge

Back at the end of May this year I saw an announcement for a new creative community targeted at arty, creative types who blog. And I must have had my brave trousers on that day because I filled in the form and applied to join. I know that doesn't sound like a particularly brave thing… Continue reading GESSO: Primed Creatives blogging challenge