Pumpkin freebies

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Every now and again I come up with an idea for a card design but then I can’t find a suitable image, either in my stash or even as a downloadable digi stamp. So, not wanting to give up on the idea, I end up making my own digi stamps or cut files to use.

They’re often unusual images, to match the odd — or at least very specific — ideas I have, usually when I’m making something special for someone, though I have been known to do it for a challenge too.

I have often wondered whether I should make them available for other people to use; they really don’t have the appeal of cute critters, but who knows, they might come in useful for someone else.

And so I have finally got around to making a space to put them online. This is a bit of an experiment — I’ve never put anything up for downloading before and I have been seriously overthinking this —  so, for now, I’ve just put them here on the blog.  Let me know if there are any problems.

Along with digi stamps and cut files, I will also be scanning some of my gelli prints and other background pieces that people can print and use for mixed media or card-making.

I’m starting off simply — inspired by the time of year — with a couple of pumpkin images I’ve created in the last couple of years.

Right-clicking on either of the images below will allow you to save the full-size version. The images are also available from the digi stamps page in the Freebies section of the blog.

CraftyRat pumpkin
Simple pumpkin outline

The first is a simple outline that I made for the background of an autumn challenge card: I actually ended up cutting it out of felt for that project.

CraftyRat sketched pumpkin
Sketchy pumpkin

The other is a sketchy carved pumpkin, also created in response to a challenge and used on this pumpkin boo! card.

I’ve cobbled together a basic Angel Policy for my designs, but essentially, feel free to use these for any handmade project, don’t claim them as your own, don’t sell the images and if anyone else wants them, please point them over here.

If anyone uses these, or anything else I add to the Freebies section in the future, I would love to see what you do with them.

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