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I don’t really do holidays. When you grow up on a small farm, you really don’t get into the habit of going away regularly. And these days, it’s not so easy finding someone to look after the ratties. And, to be honest, we’re both homebodies… So going away isn’t something that happens often, about the only thing I do with any sort of regularity is go see my mum for a few days and I don’t take any art supplies with me when I do that.

What I do always have with me are a notebook and pen. And that’s true no matter how long I’m out of the house for.

I love technology and use it for so many things, but I just cannot scribble ideas on the phone’s screen. So a traditional paper notepad (suited to whichever size bag I’m carrying — I have several bags and many more notepads) and a pen or pencil is perfect for those “just had an idea” moments.

Where the phone does come in handy is for taking photos of interesting patterns and textures and colour combinations for later inspiration.

So, pretty much all of my creating is done at home — that is where all my stuff is — but my ideas can be captured anywhere.

GESSO: Primed Creatives – Going away? How do you take your creativity away with you? 

3 thoughts on “Creating away”

  1. I do try to take my colored pencils with me and some pre-stamped images when I go on vacation or out of town for a few day. I keep a bag packed so that I can just grab and go. I don’t do much coloring while I am away, but just having them with me if I get the urge is nice! 🙂


  2. I’m the same way. Growing up we definitely didn’t go on holidays often, we just couldn’t afford it. If we did anything, it would usually just be a trip to a nearby theme park for the day or something like that. I do like to travel more now but, you know, money is always a thing.

    When I do travel I always leave with the best intentions of continuing to create, taking some art stuff with me, but I rarely actually utilise it. I’d like to change that for future trips. I think my biggest struggle is that I don’t want my other half to feel like I’m ignoring him? When we go on holidays we are the type who like to explore and try out new things, not just relax and hang out. So I don’t want to go and just sit and draw for a hour while he does nothing (because the only thing he’d do is play video games). That being said, he DID just buy a Nintendo Switch so maybe next holiday will be different! He can play his Switch while I draw. Could be fun!


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