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The storage problem


One of the reasons I chose to start making cards was that they are small and easy to store. Okay, that’s maybe overstating it a bit, but storage space definitely is something that has to be taken into consideration when planning any project. There is a part of me that would love to try something on a larger scale but, well, you’ve seen the size of my craft room

With lots of stuff in a small room in a small house, I have to be organised. The alternative would be a complete inability to find things to create with or to find things I have previously created. And there’s not much point in making greetings cards if you can’t find one when you need it.

So, my storage method.

gesso44 01

The vast majority of the cards I make are standard A6 (10.5cm × 14.8cm) in size. I store each finished card in a cello bag with an envelope. I used to pick up standard bags with the tape on the edge of the flap, but I’ve now switched to ones from CelloExpress that have the tape on the bag – that way, when someone opens the sealed bag they don’t risk sticking the card to the bag as they take it out.

Having said that, I rarely seal the bags. I like to give myself the option to easily take the card out again if I decide to add a sentiment to a blank card or maybe stamp a message inside.

gesso44 02

Once in the bag, I add a label with a number that corresponds to an entry in my spreadsheet. That spreadsheet helps me keep track of all the cards I’ve made, whether I still have them, who I gave them to, and even has a link to the blog post where I wrote them up.

I also use that reference number when organising photos; though I only started doing that fairly recently so I need to spend an afternoon going through and making sure all the older photos have them as well.

gesso44 03

At the moment I have approaching two hundred cards in my stash and they all live in a divided InterDesign storage container. I have several of these as they also come in handy for storing stamp sets and dies.

gesso44 04

The few larger cards that I have are also stored in cello bags and currently live in one of these A4 craft storage boxes.

My recent experiments with mixed media and more dimensional projects are on the verge of causing me some storage issues. I don’t have a huge amount of spare shelf space and what I have is getting pretty full so I am going to have to have a serious think about what to do with them. Maybe this will be the thing that finally gets me to start selling what I make.

gesso44 05

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GESSO: Primed CreativesHow do you store your work?

5 thoughts on “The storage problem”

  1. Oh the issues of storage! Somethings I like making too much stuff to store is what drives a lot of crafters to sell their stuff xD I’m currently dealing with figuring out how to store all the knitting and crochet I’m doing because it’s getting bulky 🙂

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  2. Oh storage can be a problem! I have had to re-arrange things so many times as my stash just seems to be getting bigger. I don’t have near as many cards made up as it seems I only get them made when I need them….which is often. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I keep acquiring bits that “might come in useful” for a mixed media piece and those are starting to cause me storage issues – it’s time for another minor reorganisation here I think. I’ve built up a stash of cards through doing the colouring challenges and various card-making technique courses – that has really taken the pressure off when I’ve lost track of time and birthdays have suddenly caught up with me!

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