Artful Academy journal – June

Art journal page with a background of blue and white ivy leaves. The central panel is white with heavy black edges; it has two red stencilled butterflies on it with the word "shhh..." in between, gold stencilling for texture and gold tissue peeking out from the edges.

Series: Artful Academy 2020 journal #7

I like the background — made with my ivy stencil and layers of paint and pen — and I like the foreground. They just really don’t belong together. Maybe if I’d made the background more green than blue, using the complementary colour of red, it would have been better.

June’s theme was “secret”. And the secret here is written on the page underneath the butterfly panel and hinted at by the “Shhh…”

Close-up of one of the red stencilled butterflies.

So, not my favourite page so far and, inevitably, not my favourite collage version either. Technically they’re okay, but they just don’t resonate with me. I am pleased with the red, gold, black and white palette of the panel, particularly the gold stencilling. And the torn gold-painted tissue paper peeking out from behind the panel works nicely. I may have to use those elements on a different piece (adds note to long list of things to do or try).

Art journal page with corresponding collage page which roughly mimics the colour layout of the main journal page.

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