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Quick play: butterfly in stars

While doing a (very) little bit of tidying up, I came across December’s Scrawlrbox and decided to have a quick play.

This subscription box included 3 Spectrum Noir metallic paint markers, a black POSCA marker, a pink Gelly Roll Moonlight, a pencil and a square Art Gecko pad with black paper. I loved the silver and copper pens — nice colours and smooth flowing — but I must have been unlucky because the gold one was unusable; it was like the paint was too thick, it took ages to get it into the nib and then it just wouldn’t draw a smooth line, which was a shame.

I grabbed a butterfly stencil to get the basic outline in place and then doodled away. The butterfly design was more complex at one point, but then I discovered how bad the gold pen was and ended up covering the mess with another gold pen from my stash. I really enjoyed doodling all those stars and lines though. Sometimes it’s nice to do something simple without a grand plan in mind.

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