Artful Academy journal – September

A purple art journal page with a stylised lotus flower and the words "shine brightly dreamer of dreams".

Series: Artful Academy 2020 journal #10

I finally caught up with the monthly journal prompts, finishing September’s “Mystical” page only a few days after the lesson went online. The tutor went with a fairy motif, but I’d used that for my July “story” page and I didn’t want to repeat myself in a journal that will eventually only have twelve pages.

I remembered that there was a similar prompt — “into the mystic” — in the Square-a-thon challenge; I made a small purple abstract design for that one. Purple/violet is one of my favourite colours so I thought I’d stick with that as my starting point. A bit more pondering and I decided to use a lotus flower as the main image. I have a digi stamp from The East Wind that has a stylised lotus flower on it, so I printed that out at the right size and traced it onto some collage paper which I glued over the painted background.

Close-up of the base of the lotus flower.

One of these days I will find the right sort of tissue paper to use for this process. I know that there is a combination of paper and glue that makes the paper almost disappear when it is stuck down, leaving the image on the paper showing — I’ve seen people do it. I even bought some Dina Wakley plain collage paper, as that seems to be designed for that exact purpose, but it certainly doesn’t work with Golden fluid matte medium. I need to do some experimenting.

I was planning on painting the flower anyway, but I had hoped I wouldn’t need to paint around the edges… ah well… it turned out fine in the end.

The lotus flower art journal page with the corresponding collaged version.

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