Squareathon challenge #9–12


Four more paintings and only one that really didn’t work out how I wanted it to.


#9 An Epic Adventure

Created with: acrylic paint

I was definitely showing my age with my answer to the prompt “an epic adventure” — well, technically I was showing my other half’s age as it was his suggestion. I never played this game and was concerned that no-one would get the reference, but luckily, several people on Instagram did get it.


#10 Chasing Fire

Created with: watercolour paint, acrylic paint

This is my least successful painting. I think it would work better if I had done it over a black acrylic background but I wasn’t sure how I would transfer my drawing onto solid black. I do like the individual elements, I just don’t think it hangs together very well.


#11 Castle in the Clouds

Created with: watercolour paint, acrylic paint

This one, however, is another of my favourites. A collection of towers painted in acrylic over watercolour clouds.


#12 Into the Mystic

Created with: acrylic paint, glitter

The word “mystic” brings to mind the colour purple, so I decided to make a purple abstract. I did try to splat the silver paint over the background but, well, the lesson learned from creating this was that paint has to be much thinner and dropped from much higher than you think to get it to splat! I resorted to moving it around with a brush, adding some gold and a touch of purple into the mix and then finishing off with a sprinkle of glitter.



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