Mandala #1

An eight-pointed mandala in purple, pink, green and black.

Series: Mandala Makers 2020 #1

Oh what a time… I would put more of a definitive timescale on that but my sense of time has become even more broken than usual over the last few months. I had an actual face-to-face (or mask-to-mask) physio appointment a few weeks ago (good thing) and now have some exercises to do to try and sort my neck and shoulder out (necessary but annoying addition to the daily routine). Ten days later, I had several days of migraines (different presentation to my usual occasional migraines but my doctor wasn’t concerned). Then, last weekend, I spent ten hours in A&E after late night palpitations turned into atrial fibrillation (much appreciation for the Apple Watch ECG app for telling me that). So now I am even more exhausted than I was before and just trying to distract myself with art.

The much brighter first attempt at colouring the mandala.

It’s nice to have something repetitive to do; it’s kind of soothing to just build up a pattern with repeating marks. I’ve never drawn mandalas before, so when I came across Rachel Evans White’s free Mandala Makers 2020 class, I thought I’d give it a go.

If I had tried this a few years ago, I think my perfectionist streak would have got in the way — I would have despaired at the unevenness of the shapes I’ve drawn — but now I am happy for it to be what it is.

Close-up of the centre of the mandala.

Did I smudge some of the black ink? Yes I did, and I had to change the thickness of some of the lines to cover up that smudge. Did I decide that my first attempt at colouring with my small set of PITT artist pens was way too bright for me and needed a lot more contrast? Absolutely, so I added more black and darkened some other parts. Am I happy with the end result? Yes I am. And will I make more mandalas? Also yes, but first I have to finish my mum’s birthday card…

The mandala displayed on a small wooden easel.

5 thoughts on “Mandala #1”

    1. I’m quite enjoying making the mandalas, I’ve since done a black & white one that I just need to photograph. Health has taken a turn for the worse unfortunately, such is life, but I’m doing okay at the moment.

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