Wanderlust: mandala

A hand-drawn mandala, loosely painted with muted purple, pink, blue and green.

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #07

The previous mandalas I’ve made have been quite precise, with all the colouring done carefully inside the lines. The aim with this one was to be much looser and relaxed, to the extent that the initial long petal shapes were painted before the outlines were drawn. It goes against my instincts to colour outside the lines but I have to admit I do rather like the overall effect.

Close-up of one segment of the mandala.

I decided to test out the Derwent Graphitint paint pan pocket set I received in the November ScrawlrBox. The colours have a lovely muted, naturalistic feel to them. Though I did end up adding a hint of bling with the gold dots.

Close-up of the centre of the mandala.


The art journal with the mandala displayed at an angle.

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