Mandala #3

An autumnal coloured mandala with the phrase "one day at a time" in the centre.

Series: Mandala Makers 2020 #3

After going back to black and white basics for week two of Rachel Evans White’s free Mandala Makers 2020 class, week three drew inspiration from natural forms, reintroduced colour, and used the mandala as a frame for text.

Once again, I am making no effort to plan these designs, I think that trying to do that at this stage of experimentation would just make it massively more stressful and I doubt it would improve the end result. I just used leaf and floral shapes for the basic outlines and then added fill-in shapes for the detail. I chose a selection of autumnal colours from my set of Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer watercolour markers.

Close-up of the centre of the mandala.

I usually have difficulty choosing words to go on art journal pages and the like, but one day at a time is exactly how I am taking life at the moment. Art and creativity of all kinds are providing me with welcome distractions.

The mandala displayed on a small wooden easel.

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