Wanderlust: Rocket

An art journal page for a rat named Rocket.

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #06

It took me a while to get started on this lesson. I have plenty of papers that can be used for collage and even a small supply of ephemera that has accumulated over the years — though, as with adding words to art journals, I do prefer elements to have some meaning or relevance to the overall piece so it can be tricky finding things that work for me. The biggest problem was choosing a focal image. Looking at the pages that other people had made, everyone seemed to have used vintage-style photos of family members, so that was no use as inspiration — I have very few family photos and I wasn’t in the mood for making a people-focused page anyway.

Close-up of some of the texture in the background of the page.

As an aside: I am surprised at how many people seem to make their pages as soon as the week’s lesson is available. I have to give it a bit of time to rattle around my brain before starting, time to think about colours and supplies and how I might want to interpret the lesson rather than just reproduce it.

Anyway, back to the issue of choosing a focal image. At some point, after much background processing, I realised that I could use a family member of sorts and I knew just which photo would work well on the page. Rocket was an occasionally temperamental rat with a lot of personality and I really enjoyed putting this page together for her.

Close-up of the photo of Rocket.


The journal page displayed at an angle.

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